· Do You Surprise Yourself Holding Breath While Sleeping Or Being Concentrated On Something?

· Do you friends or love partner say that while you sleep you hold your breath, keep it for few seconds and then release the air slowly making weird, funny sounds?

· Would you wish to easily get rid of this embarrassing syndrome with unknown causes?

My name is William Becker and I am here give you the foolproof recipe for getting rid of what is called catathrenia or the leaky beach ball syndrome.

For 20 years I used to woke up feeling dizzy, being more tired when I woke up then when I got to bed with muscle pains holding up for hours.

I never gave importance to holding my breath until one day, when I spent the night with a woman that I really loved and felt really comfortable spending the night at her house. That night really woke me up to realize that I had a problem and I need to resolve it.

I was sleeping and the laugh of my girlfriend woke me up, and I said “What’s going on? Why are you laughing? Did I did something wrong?” – she replied “No you didn’t!” and began to laugh harder. I was really curios what as all about and couldn’t sleep anymore, so I asked again and again and for my BIG surprise she said I was making weird noises while I was exhaling air, and that I was holding my breath, the I would release some air and make really funny sounds and then I would continue to do until I was out of air and start again.

Now .. I felt so embarrassed, couldn’t sleep the whole night either and in the morning I got to my computer to search if there’s a cure or something. And for my BIG amazement there were a lot of people in my situations, living the exact same symptoms and I was so relieved for a moment, then I was really disappointed to find out there’s no cure for it, it’s not even considered a disorder – it’s something that happens and nobody knows why it is happening.

The thought of my wife and me living in separate rooms really disturbed me more than the thought that all these years all my friends knew about this and were to embarrassed to tell me.

I wished that this thing I had, had a name beside “leaky beach ball syndrome”, a clinical name with solutions and treatment, so I went to the doctor to find out if it’s something like apnea – apnea sounded cool that time – since there was a treatment for it. No Apnea! With no cure! Catathrenia! No treatment! No nothing! The doctor didn’t even had a clue why those symptoms; made myself every test possible and nothing – I was in a perfectly healthy condition.

I didn’t gave up. I said to myself, being a doctor in neuro linguistic sciences, that basically breathing is an unconscious process handled by the subconscious mind. So there must be something that is making the subconscious act this way.

And I was on the right path.

For months I began questioning different people that had the same symptoms I had, looking for pattern, and I have found them. There were 3 big and different causes for the so called syndrome.

After I’ve found them, I used my profession to make neuro linguistic techniques to get rid of it and it worked like a charm! In three days It was like living my life again, GOD! It’s good to wake yourself in the morning and feel good, feel strong, feel positive and energetic.

I can’t even imagine how could I have lived my life this way, I wasn’t being conscious how much impact this “leaky beach ball syndrome” had on my life.

After I talked to a friend of mine about it, he told me why not share it with the whole public and not only the people around me. I told him I will be happy to help others change their life the way I did.

So, he made this website, I wrote an ebook with full step by step instructions on how to immediately get rid of the leaky ball syndrome and this is it.

I am giving it for a mere 30$ donation per downloadable copy. I think my work outshines alot more than this price, but I want to help as much people as I can, and a few extra dollars won’t hurt.

Well, that’s it! You can donate trough paypal via this link, it’s safe and secure and paypal works with credit cards too. You’ll receive instant download information after the payment is done. (even at 3 a.m. in the morning !)

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P.S. : If for any reason the e-book didn’t help you with your Catathrenia, I’ll gladly refund you 100% of your money.. just drop me a small e-mail at dr.williambecker@outbreathing.com stating what exactly happened and i’ll take care of the rest. – but trust me you won’t!

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